NIMdetSalutations, DANGERous Readers.
I going to endeavor to make time on Saturdays to inform you about other projects in the works at Danger Comics.
One such project, in expanding the DANGER universe, is a family drama.
Waitaminute…yep, a family drama. Well,… there is a family.
However; this family is aware of a “Game” that has been played for eons. They and a small number of devotees are committed to thwarting the Game’s resolution — domination of the Earth.
Sure. I know it sounds familiar – even cliche.
But, this family is fighting for something you take for granted every day; but, you never really had.
There are going to be riffs on legends (as seen in the wee teaser;) historical events; treasure hunts; secret societies; meta-psychics; hard scifi; & ties to the world of ANOMALIES!
The family motto is “I am many. We are one.” At least it is, when they’re not at each other’s throats.
More to come.
Enjoy your weekend and thanks for spreading DANGER whenever & wherever you can.
Karl – the Silver-backed Comicbook Gorilla