As6Tease3ANOMALIES, Episode 6: “CHRONOCLYSM” will slam into the ether on Tuesday, Nov. 24, making Tuesdays “DANGER Days,” once again!

It’s not often one can warn of an impending apocalypse with such certainty. The dozen or so previous ones on this planet had no warning. However; the destruction of time in our webcomic has a starting date. How ironic is that?

Nonetheless, Dave & I have continued to raise the bar with each debut of the previous 5 issues; and this, the final chapter of ANOMALIES, is going to carry our promise to our readers — “Make every story a ‘rippin’ yarn’!”

In the future, Dave and I will be expanding the “DANGERous Universe” with new characters and developing some supporting cast members of ANOMALIES. I am going to revisit some early ANOMALIES pages, too. Stay tuned for more news on that, and look for teasers and sketches for a new DANGER title!

See you the 24th!

Dave & Karl – The Two-Headed Comic-book Gorilla