As6Tease2I’ve been busy breaking down some pages & completing some early ones for the big debut of the sixth & final episode of the ANOMALIES saga – CHRONOCLYSM!
After several “read-throughs” of the script; by scribe, Dave Thomas; I’m doodling away on the pages. We saved the best for last, most definitely! You’ll be seeing some old favorites with Jeff as he goes through the hell we put him through (Dinah, our cool cowgirl, being the first among equals!)
So, stay tuned for alerts, subscribers! If you haven’t already, subscribe right here. You can catch up with ANOMALIES-From the Beginning for the whole rippin’ yarn to date, too! Either way, share the DANGER with your friends!
We’ll be in touch about the debut in future posts. Right now, I have to draw the destruction of time.
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