NYCC15card2“Holy Schnitzel” – as our cool cowgirl, Dinah, would say.

NYCC 2015 was re-connecting with old friends; making new ones; & putting a face with the Twitter & Facebook “back-and-forths.” It’s great to talk to artists and other indie creators! I’ll post some highlights in a later posts.
For me, NYCC is largely about going to school. Comic Book School panels with Buddy Scalera ( ) is an essential & fulfilling part of my experience. With industry pros like Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, Jonah Hex) & Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Symmetry) among the guests, it’s quite the learning experience and very entertaining. Buddy’s panels are validations of what you are doing correctly; corrections of what you’re doing wrongly; and illuminating of what is new. On to ANOMALIES….
Wow! ANOMALIES is ready for the sixth & final chapter — CHRONOCLYSM! Dave Thomas is tweaking the script while I’m getting the “movie” in my head. For me, it’s like storyboarding that movie after it’s made! We’re taking a wee break; but is it ever a break? This rippin’ yarn requires a lot of attention. We have to make sure we follow our own “rules of time-travel” & pay attention to continuity. That’s the nuts & bolts for an ongoing story in my book.
Dave will be giving you some updates, too! In the meantime, you can read ANOMALIES-From the Beginning; spread some DANGER and look for more alerts for ANOMALIES 6: CHRONOCLYSM!
All the best.
Karl Ottersberg