As5p1sdvertThat’s right. In one week, ANOMALIES Episode 5: “Wash! Rinse! DETONATE!” will make Tuesdays “Danger-ous” once more.
Having read & reread Dave Thomas’ script (ad infinitum,) I think I have a pretty good feel for what’s to come and how to storyboard that movie it makes in my head. With such great inspiration from reading Joe St. Pierre’s NEW ZODIAX titles and Adaptive Studios’/ Paperfilm’s (Jimmy Palmiotti & Co.) ABBADON, the creative juices are flowing. I continue to be stoked by last week’s East Coast Comicon, too (see my last post-K.)
So, thanks for your patience while I refueled and we’ll see you April 28th!
– Karl, the Karltoonist at Danger Comics