As5FCadHey, “DANGER-ous” folks!
ANOMALIES Episode 5: “Wash! Rinse! DETONATE!” will hit the ether-webs two weeks from today (Tues., April 28th!) It’s good to take a breather, sit back, plan, and recharge. It’s all about raising that bar…and keeping it on the rise.
Dave Thomas is fine-tuning the script while I doodle it. As stated in previous posts, Dave is working on exciting new ways to bring more “Danger” into our lives.
For me, it’s about recharging. One of the ways I recharged was attending the East Coast Comi-Con on April 11 in Secaucus, NJ. This comi-con was more comics than corporate — the way a comi-con should be, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that comics are being recognized as a legitimate narrative vehicle. It has created a marketing tsunami (Marvel Comics has had a few movies that have done well at the box office!) However; I don’t think I should have to navigate through huge car displays and people shoving cell phone plans.  Yet, I digress…
Oh, yeah…East Coast Comi-con. Yes, I was able to touch base with Jim Steranko, the “Jimi Hendrix” of Comics. Good to get a “face-to-face” with the man rather than our weekly tweet rants (Sunday @ 10pm @iamsteranko on Twitter almost every week. He’s in demand a lot these days because…well,…he deserves it!) Joe St. Pierre (Image, Marvel, etc.) was hawking his wares for his creator-owned “New Zodiax” title. Great to meet this gentleman and great artist, finally. Neal Adams, Simon Bisley, Amy Reeder, Herb Trimpe, etc. ad infinitum! Spending time with these folks stoked my creativity white-hot! My tanks are full and I’m ready to “Detonate” Ep. 5!
So, thanks for your patience. Dave & I will keep you updated.
Mark your calendar, “Danger Days” are Tuesdays again starting April 28th!
Karl Ottersberg – One Head (with Dave Thomas the other) on the Two-Headed, Arch-Geek that is DANGER COMICS.

This just in…
Herb Trimpe, one of the great artists in comics’ history, passed away Mon., April 13th. I am fortunate to have been able to chat with and thank him for his years of inspiring creativity just 72 hours ago.  He was generous with his time; sincere in thanking me for my compliments; and truly appreciated the accolades by generations of fans who came to Secaucus over the past weekend.
On behalf of DANGER COMICS, Dave and I wish to extend condolences to his family, fellow creators, and the fans.HTrimpe Mem