Hello, “DANGER-ous” folks.
Dave & I are refining points for ANOMALIES Ep.5: “Wash! Rinse! DETONATE!” which debuts in a couple of weeks. We endeavor to raise the bar constantly. Dave continues to make this rippin’, time-travel yarn more…well,…RIPPIN’. Let me tell you, “the movie” in my head reading his script is great. I’ve said it many times before, I just have to “storyboard” it. We kind of have a “shorthand” after several issues of ANOMALIES; but this one is going to “blow” your mind, as it did mine (pun intended!) His story is in the great tradition of classic matinée  serials more than ever. My doodles have to do this justice!
As publisher, Dave is also researching some great things to create more “DANGER” in our lives. It’s exciting; but I’ll let him tease you more about it.
I’m breaking down ANOMALIES 5 while working on the development of another project that Dave and I will stitch into the growing DANGER COMICS universe.

So stay tuned on the etherwebs; spread the word; and we’ll keep raising that bar.

Karl – Doodler & Silver-backed, Comic-book Gorilla