I get a little shiver down my spine when I type #NYCC – and there’s a good reason why.

Every year, Karl and I have met top industry leaders, and all manner of other comic professionals, and the benefits, insights, and fellowship, and just good old gemulichkeit!

We’ve had a big year, with ANOMALIES running new pages every week (minus September, where we caught our breath).

Now, with the commencement of an action-packed, time-bending issue four, we’ve finally got some great readers on board for the roller coaster ride to come, and we are greatly chuffed.

But, we very greedily want more, so we can turn this into a sustaining, on-going universe for our coming heroes to inhabit.

The Danger Universe (ahem), if you will.

With that in mind – Karl & I will be at that wonderful event we look forward to each year – New York Comic-Con.

I’ll be there on Thursday, and Friday. Karl will be there on Friday, as well.

We’ll try to get to the Wi-Fi friendly area and post our thoughts on the proceedings. Follow us: @KarlOttersberg @davenav @DangerComics1

Oh, and enjoy Issue for — it’s a slam-banger!!!