Hey all!

Karl & I are so happy about the applause that’s been coming from you, our growing readership. It really means the world to us, because of the enormous amount of time we’ve spent reaching this point.

This story started with a film script and a broken leg, and without either of those two things, it’s unlikely that anybody would be looking at this post of ours, because the book, and the decision to make it never would have happened.

I wrote the script, and Karl broke the leg.

While recuperating, he read the story, even then entitled ANOMALIES. He read it again, and then a third time. After that, he said, “Let’s do it as a Graphic Novel!”

So here we are, but now the question is — where are we going?

Episode Three has concluded, leaving Jeff in a precarious cliffhanging type of sitch. But, more importantly, Jeff is wearing a costume, which is a pivotal change for him. Jefferson Monroe has not taken a heroic name, however.

The costume is called The Devil Rider outfit by the serial crew. But, that is not him, and as far as we are concerned right now, just the fact that it’s black and cool is good enough for us!

We have another hero in this story, or rather, we have a heroine in that cute, but deadly tomboy – Dinah.

They are going to be getting up to exploits that go beyond anything they can even comprehend, as the story goes. We can promise you that!

So, thanks for reading. Thanks for liking it. And, thanks in advance for hanging on. We mean to see that you’ll never want to miss a page in our weekly installment, when we commence Episode Four in September!