Look up!

Look down!

Look out!!

Thrill to the adventure of, not just one life, but vast, uncounted lifetimes!

Marvel at the daring exploits of Jeff Monroe and Dinah, as they battle plundering raiders from the far-flung future! And, how can they stop their treacherous minions – The Phantom Legion?!!

Wonder at the enigmatic Syne – mysterious space/time-traveler. Will his mission to save the future of Earth be won at the cost of all Earth history?!!

Witness the sheer evil of Brillian Skylerr as he assumes the guise of Errol Sedgewicke, B-movie actor. What will his emotionless henchman, Agent Hart, do next as their nefarious scheme unfolds??!

Don’t miss the next blood-chilling chapter of Anomalies: Book Three —

Riders of the Purple Rage!

Coming soon to a screen near you –

From the red-hot pencils of artist, Karl Ottersberg, and the incendiary imagination of writer, David Thomas!

Stay tuned for further announcements!

And, keep watching the skies!