With these two pulse-pounding pages by Karl O, book two is complete. I hope you are digging his art as much as I am!

We have a twist on the old Republic Serial ending, and like those adventure-loving youngsters who saw those hair-raising cliffhangers and knew they had to endure an exceptionally long week to see how the hero or heroine escaped, we will have to wait for the next installment. But, in this case, it’ll be more than a week…

As I write this, the pages are flying off Karl’s drawing board, & I’m about to set upon the lovely task of the lettering, SFX-ing, and finalizing the pages in Comic Life. But —

The holidays are coming up and there is going to be travel involved, so we want to take a short breath, and wait until early January for Book 3 to start rolling out.

And, never fear! Roll out it will, and it will be just as we’ve done so far (2 pages every Tuesday).

Between now and then, we’ll be putting a message out each week all through December, just to check in, give updates, and to throw a couple of goodies at you that we think you’ll like.

So hang on, valiant readers! January is not that far off!

The wait will be worth it in spades, jacks, kings, & queens to see where Anomalies is going in 2014! We plan at least another three barn-burning issues to complete this first story. A story, by the way, that is setting up our Danger Comics Universe.

Oh, yeah, we’ve held out on telling you that until now. And, we did so with good reason; we wanted to the story to find it’s readership without a lot of hoopla. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m usually suspicious of hype by nature, and so is Karl. So, we decided to let this story, and the wide, wild, universe we are creating, and the audience that might enjoy it, all find each other.

What blows us away is that it’s working! There’s starting to be a lot of folks reading it, and we are super-chuffed, awe-inspired, and cracking fire as everything goes from really bad to really, really bad when Jeff, Dinah, and Al face off with the Phantom Legion, in book 3.

Keep a watchful eye out, good readers. Our Tuesday announcements will be forthcoming here, and on twitter: @dangerComics1 and don’t forget to give @KarlOttersberg and @davenav a follow for further confused musings!

Carry on! And remember — Anomalies Book 3: Riders of the Purple Rage is a not-to-be-missed event coming your way in January 2014!