… we’re well into our second issue, and I (your lowly scribe) have been largely silent, but that has been by design. I’ve wanted the story to unfold with little or no commentary, so it could live on it’s own.

But, as the week’s have gone on, and I’ve watched Karl becoming a *rawk star* on the merits of his fantastic artwork, it seems a good idea to pop in every now and then to spout some important sounding pronouncements — like this:

If you are wondering just where in the heck this story is going, just hang in there. We have an endgame, and it’s a beaut!

Our time-traveler, Syne, and his foes from the future are on a collision course with Jeff Monroe, Al & Dinah Stonehouse, and a legion of masked riders in 1947.

You may be presuming that you can compare this story to other western/sci-fi mashups. But you would be horribly mistaken, as you’ll see in the coming weeks.

’til then — hang on to your hats!

Danger Dave