It is a certainty that Trina Teo’s digital inking on ANOMALIES #1, pgs. 1-18 was invaluable to a project that would become Danger Comics Corp. While Dave Thomas was honing the script to the entire ANOMALIES story, I was revisiting an industry that I mostly recognized in name only.  Dave knew Trina and we all met at a cafe in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I saw her stuff; and I loved her technique as an amazing graphic designer.  We were lucky to get her on board that early in the process.

I can only speak for myself; but I compare my exposure to digital media to a Neanderthal walking out of a cave and seeing a 747 parked outside.  You’ve seen primitive man seeing the Monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey… yeah, like that!  My monolith was a new i-MAC and a Wacom Intuos 4.

I was pleased to find out through research that most of my favorite comic book artists in the  industry were able to strike a balance between practical and digital methods.  It was encouraging since I was picking this back up in my forties (YIKES!)  Nonetheless, the next steps were organizing my time and training myself to look at a screen while I was “drawing” on a digital pad.  Trina was inking my pencils and giving me time to experiment with these “new-fangled contraptions.”

So, thank you Trina or your efforts and advice on behalf of Danger Comics Corp.

NOTE: The attached gallery are the pencils Trina inked as I developed a style for ANOMALIES’ future issues